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Submitting Documents

Supporting documents help us to verify that you’re eligible for a Business Loan and enable us to confirm the facility amount. A consultant will contact you to confirm which documentation we require.

Getting your Loan

On approval, and after signing your contract and debit order forms, your funds will be transferred into your nominated account – often within as little as three days of applying.

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A Business Loan For All Seasons

Wherever you find yourself in your business journey, the Business Loan can help you grow your venture and build future sales by enabling you to:

* Open a branch, shop or store.
* Undertake renovations.
* Buy additional stock for your Business.
* Fund marketing campaigns.
* Implement a partner buyout.
* Upgrade and repair equipment.
* Maintain a positive capital balance.
* Pay Income Tax/VAT and PAYE.

What makes us Different?

We are always there for our customers. Wu give them peace of mind. They know they can count on Financial Credit Protect

* A high approval rate.
* We offer a fast, simple process.
* You have access to funds in 3 days.
* Our Loan works with you.
* There is no paperwork.
* No application fees.
* A Once-off interest charge
* There are no hidden costs.


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